White Women Over Everything!

Okay I know what you’re thinking, “How dare you have the courage to title your first blog White Women over Everything”! Just think about it, how else would I get your attention to read my first blog right??? Trust me there is a method to my ideas. With that being said let’s move on.

Interracial dating has been around many of years but accepted by less. As for me personally I could really careless what the next woman or man prefers to date. White, black, yellow, blue (if your into people that resemble Skeeter from the cartoon Doug). I only have an issue when people get involved with someone for the wrong reasons such as money, sex, power & etc. Why draw the line because of race! Yeah sometimes it looks funny in public and some can’t help but to stare like the couple are a museum exhibit. At the end of the day it’s all about whom you love and who makes you happy.

I have plenty of friends who experiment with other races especially white women. I don’t look down on them, it’s just the hand that they were dealt and have to deal with. I don’t look at them as my black friend with his white girl no, more along the lines of my home boy and his girl.

Ahhh yes my strong beautiful black descendants of Africa females, I have not forgotten about you. You all can please put your protest signs down. I come in peace. A good majority of African-American women despise the idea of black men dating outside their race as if we belong to you??? Here we go let’s hear it. “Black men who date outside their race can’t handle a strong black woman.” (In my best angry bitter black woman voice impression) pretty good impression huh? Ever thought that maybe it about timing or personality? Jamal could possibility have trouble connecting and relating to your personality same goes for any race! This is what kills me though people are the first to judge you on whom want to be with, but when it comes to them they get a pass. Disagree with me if you please, that’s on you but I respect your opinion.

I personally have only dated black females, not really by choice but because of good connection. Not to say I’ll never be with some of a different ethnicity, I don’t know at the end of the day I just want love. Until then chicken and hoes will be my standard diet for now.

My name Vern


7 responses to “White Women Over Everything!

  1. Well well well. You’ve gone and done it lol good stuff….I assumed your first post would be something like “Fuck yea! Chicken” but white women would’ve been my second guess. Lol. I’ll add you to my blogroll. Feel free to do the same.

    • Thanx Yami, yeah I told you id at least try it out. If I am 1/2 as good at you with the blog post game I’m happy. I’m still tryna figure out how to use this site and what it has to offer… Imma try and figure out how to add you to the blog roll. What i hate is a good amount of ppl viewed my post (at least thats what my graph chart tells me) but ppl and don’t leave comments. Ol well thanks for the support tho. Ya last post a few days ago was real funny, y bout ppl at the work place. Yeah the snitch is always white… Trust me I know.

  2. yea a lot of people are comment shy..i get way more views than comments….you gotta change the description of your site so the heading “another wordpress.com site” doesnt show up…and to add a blogroll you go to the widgets section and drag and drop it…play around with it and you’ll get it…they have a shitload of how-to’s as well.

  3. Vern,

    On the money! “To each his own”, is a simple statement, but most people don’t follow it, instead they need to feed off negativity because it deflects from what they see when they look in the mirror. It’s much easier to project that anger onto other people and blame someone else for their unhappiness.


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